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How to Protect High-Value Retail Stores With IDScience
Posted by IDScience Staff

We have been seeing an increase in the number of identity imposters who will use forge documents to acquire high-value products, like this couple from Aiken County, South Carolina.

According to a sales manager at Crescent Automotive, the couple presented fake IDs and asked to test drive vehicles, claiming they wanted to buy one. “They said they had a cashier’s check and they wanted to make a purchase,” said Chelsey Johnson Dempsey. What seemed like a normal day at the dealership turned out to be anything but normal when the couple didn’t return a Mercedes they stole when the dealership closed at 7PM.

When the couple failed to return with the Mercedes, Dempsey called local law enforcement and shared news of the incident on Facebook, hoping to locate the car. Dempsey said “We got several tips that night from our Facebook family”. 

Thanks to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office and some sharp-eyed social media followers, the car was found and eventually returned to the dealership. 

This story shows how something as seemingly harmless as a test drive can turn into a massive profit loss if forged documents are used in the process. With results in just seconds, an IDScience authentication system would have stopped this devious couple right in their tracks. Our scanners perform multiple forensic checks on every ID scanned. Our software also contains useful features like a banned list to prevent repeat offenders from trying to pass false documents again. 

Fake IDs are no longer just being used to buy cigarettes and alcohol underage. This story is just another cautionary tale of a high-value retail operation that was thankfully able to recover the stolen property. To learn more about IDScience authentication systems or to purchase one today, please reach out to a member of our team at (508) 533-1671.