Top 5 practices for spotting a fake ID
Posted by IDScience Staff


The methods used by counterfeiters to make fake IDs have improved significantly over the years, and obtaining one nowadays is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. 

Unfortunately, it is not just the minor who possesses the fake ID who gets in trouble if caught; alcohol vendors can bear an equal burden of the punishments even if the ID is nearly indistinguishable. As the leading industry experts, we put together a list of tips for spotting fake IDs. 
  1. Pay attention to body language - if someone is using a fake ID, odds are that the person will be pretty nervous. Pay attention to the individual’s expressions and body language. If the person is avoiding eye contact, breathing heavier, pursing their lips, or touching their face, it might mean they are trying to pass a fake ID. 
  2. Ask for another form of ID - someone may have a realistic fake ID, but the other contents of their wallet could help you determine if they are who they say they are. If they show you two credit cards that don’t match the name on the ID, it’s probably fake. 
  3. Ask to see social media accounts - it’s one thing for a person to have a near-perfect fake ID, but chances are their preparedness ends at the piece of plastic they’re carrying. You can ask the person to show you their social media accounts as a way of verifying who they are. 
  4. Ask the cardholder questions to gauge their reaction - there are a multitude of questions you can ask someone to see if their identity checks out. Aside from asking the person questions about the information on the card, you can ask them related questions. Some of the most popular are about the person’s Zodiac sign, the capital of the state their ID is from, or even their high school mascot. When asking these questions, pay special attention to the person’s body language as is explained in step one.
  5. Use an IDScience scanner - at the end of the day, our industry-leading technology can see things on an ID that the human eye simply can’t. If you want to take the guesswork out of the process, there is no better product on the market than IDScience. The results are almost instant, the machine is easy to use, and you can sleep well at night knowing minors weren’t served at your establishment. 

Don’t put your liquor license at risk; catch even the best fake IDs in existence with a scanner from IDScience.